Kanye Kardashian Has Another Emotional Outburst, Leaving Fans in an Empty Arena


Last night while performing in Sacramento, CA Kanye went on one of his infamous rants. This one resulted in him calling out Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, radio, MTV, DJ Khaled, slavery, Obama, they mamas, you name it *Shirley Ceaser voice*.

I guess he found out Beyonce said she wouldn’t perform at the VMA’s unless she won best music video over Fade. Hmmmm where have we heard this before Ye? He was extremely hurt by this news so he decided the perfect time to address the pain in his heart would be in the middle of his concert. Yup that’s right, instead of hashing things out with his good friends and fellow artists he decided to share his feelings with thousands of people who paid $70+ to hear actual music. Instead they were forced to act as an unsolicited therapist. He then he took it a step further by abruptly ending the concert after the rant was over.

People in attendance of the show verify he only performed 1-3 songs before ranting and walking off stage. If this isn’t bad enough, a few days before he went on another rant about how he would’ve supported Trump if he had voted in the 2016 election. Another thing that makes no fucking sense because he endorsed Hillary Clinton the year before!

Kanye, I was rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! *Tyra Banks Voice* Your rants were once viewed as cool, different, a connection to his fans, and maybe even educational. They have now become a cross between a toddlers tantrum, and the ramblings of an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

“Ay Jay Z I know you got killas, don’t send them at my head, just call me”

Why is this grown ass man picking fights, then saying please don’t hurt me?

Congratulations Ye, you have officially earned the Kardashian name. You are out here taking on the persona of a suburban white woman that doesn’t know any better, except you do.

Fuck you until further notice,


This Weeks Fuckery: ExcuseMeSayWhat

Between Kodak Black publicly omitting Black Women from his dating pool whilst sounding like a fighter jet abruptly landing and Takeoff attempting to out-sass Complex correspondents with a scooby-doo drawl and an unbuttoned blouse fit for a matador I don’t really know where to begin.

I won’t go into too much detail on these two as both these clips went viral but Kodak Black has since deleted his social media and the Migos remain tightlipped about all their beefs. DJ Akademiks as well as Joe Budden have both addressed the black carpet drama on their platforms. However the overall consensus is: Complex edited the video in Joe’s favor and it was in-fact not a spoof they really couldn’t hear. Listen at your leisure.

Since we’re already here I guess I should mention their BET beef with Chris Brown as well but I’ll let 4theloveofjoose tell it.

Xscape performed for the first time in nearly two decades and honestly they coulda kept Kandi and what’s her name mic off because they were not in sync. I am here for the reunion however! Tiny looked good sounded good and the twin definitely needs to be lead vocals. Ms. Funky Dineva Ross hopes they get it together before their tour and so do I.

Amber and 21 Savage are in this publicity stunt of a relationship and it just screams desperation. Ever since her baby daddy Wiz went public with his new love interest this bitch has upped the antics tenfold. From her freeing the nipple at Coachella and unleashing her fur burger on Twitter to fondling any new rapper with the maturity level of a preteen, I’m fucking over it.

Blac Chyna and Rob are on the rocks…again. She was caught FT’ing some dude a few weeks ago and dudes ex recently aired them out.

Drake signed his body guard Baka a couple days ago and nobody can figure out why.

Rihanna was minding her mans business in Spain, broke the internet and still ain’t paying us no mind. Nobody asked Jessie J but she was there to remind us this is exactly why the icon had been keeping her love life a secret in the first place and she does kind of have a point.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 1.43.20 PM.png

Rob sat there and ate up the whole bottom half of Lamar and Khloe’s house for two years and now won’t even so much as FT him with Dream. A damn shame.

Pharrell opens up about his set of triplets nobody even knew he had.

Greeks stomped down to AGP, bruk up 2 chainz pink Chevy Caprice and terrorized the community enough for local businesses to try and shut it down.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.07.55 PM.png

Playboi Carti x Alexis x Rubirose

Carti and Fetty Wap’s ex Alexis Sky  (I know she probably hates that but bitch that’s the only way we know you) have recently been spotted out together multiple times and have all but confirmed dating rumors. As expected once the relationship started gaining attention an ex of his had to pull up and dull a little bit of that shine. Now, why yall don’t just band together and form a pussy powerhouse like the Taz Angels is beyond me. It’s either that or everyone just needs to stop posting on sm so we can all just live happily ever after in our monogamist relationships sans the public ridicule. Both these bitches are borderline 18 so I’m not even gonna stay on this.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 3.19.05 PM.png

The Karjenners Strike Again

As if Kylie smuggling all the collagen out of Jordan’s face to shoot up her lips, Kendall’s obscene Pepsi commercial, Khloe blatantly ripping off the new wave of “free the lips” leotards and Kylie’s unoriginal faux camo collection launch weren’t enough these ladies have now moved onto stealing the likeness of legends.  The Jenner girls took it upon themselves to plaster their faces over visuals of Biggie, Tupac, Ozzy Osbourne and The Doors to then sell $125 T-shirts. It’s bad enough that these talentless twats think they’re even in the same league as these musical geniuses but to not even have the human decency to clear it with the actual artist or estates? DISGUSTING.

Jackie Christie may be under citizens arrest or a 72 hour mandatory pscyche hold soon but she sure did solidify her spot on Basketball Wives by going toe-to-toe with Evelyn. This week she called the ladies daughter a “build-a-whore” and I’m not sure where Evelyn found the restraint to not beat her ass but kudos to her.

Lastly, Joseline referred to the man she claims to love’s daughter as a “nappy headed hoe that needs to find her own cock to be on.” I would say I found the comment staggering but this is coming from the same woman that told America that same man was molesting his daughter. Although she is very entertaining and I keep giving her chances she’s really taking things way too far.

Did I miss anything? Let me know! Like, comment, share, love






RHOBH: Own it Lisa! S7 E12


As someone who has been called skeletor during squabbles I mean it when I say, Lisa Rinna’s protruding spinal cord and near labia slip was cute.

In true Beverly Hills fashion last week’s episode involved tears, cries of amnesia and a not so subtle early event departure.  When confronted with filling Eden’s head with desperate delusions about Kim’s looming death Rinna proved once again, that she can’t stand the heat. She went from absolutely not saying it, not remembering it, blaming it all on Eden to apologizing if she did say it. All the while Bravo is cutting to clips of her going the fuck in on Kim.


“If I did say it, it wasn’t in a mean, hateful way,” Rinna says while all of America rolls their eyes. Just own it Lisa! Own it!

Own the fact that your story lines have to revolve around the other women to deflect from your own scandals. Instead she takes a page out of Eileen’s book and hightails it out of there after a fit of hysterics. It’s almost as if her sobriety had been called into question.

Rinna summons Eden for a sit down because she is pissed that she outed her to Vanderpump. She comes in with a lot of passive aggression and then asks Eden, “why she went to LVP?” Here she learns the #1 rule when it comes to new friendships: telling your business is not an olive branch, be weary who you share with.


I just love it when people go on reality shows with at least three months of cameras recording them and can’t remember half of what they say. Eden claims she went to VP for an unbiased opinion and no one knows wtf she’s talking about, she isn’t unbiased sweetie. She also mentions how Rinna likes to flee the scene whenever she’s under fire. Chose your friends wisely coo-coo bird.

Rinna’s been doing a whole bunch of Charity work for a kitchen and still couldn’t be bothered to learn how to cook. Kyle acted as if she was touching acidic dick when she was cleaning the fish. Act like an adult! It’s food, this is what your chefs do to prepare your meals.


I really hate when chronically late bitches harp on somebody about being on time. VP shows up and explains she had trouble opening her gates before traveling there and Rinna makes a joke about her vagina gates being closed for years.  If I had even found her Gate joke funny I wouldn’t even be able to hear my own laughter over hers. Ha, ha, ha. Whoever’s writing her stuff lately is extremely annoying.


Dorito jerking off that zucchini is the last straw! 100% convinced Bravo launched a sex intiative last year and put it in all the women’s contracts. The sexual innuendos have gone from innuendo to IN-U-END-O.

And why the fuck is Eden a broken bird? Wtf is LVP talking about?

I love that Mr.Jarodie is super into Erika Jane’s video expensive, no regard for the the cost at all. Just throw it in the bag. Erika looks damn good sitting awkwardly across from him.

Cut to Rinna’s charity award dinner… Receiving an award for how charitable one is just makes me really uncomfortable. If it aint the nobel peace price I’m fucking cringing. LVP didn’t come because she doesn’t like Rinna, simple as that. Harry gives another moving speech while Rinna cries, championing him on anddddd their relationship has officially become nauseating. What are y’all trying to prove? The girls talk about Eden’s catfish, “I was once a model” boyfriend across the pond and the episode ends.

Ehh, not the most compelling and I’m astounded that Kim’s sobriety is still the biggest strife on the show. At least it no longer revolves around the great Munchausen debate. Give me more bravo…



Glamping: RHOA S9 E13

“I had to move my book bag before the camel toe ate it up.”


The girls arrive at the cabins and find out they’ll be having to share rooms due to them all inviting plus one’s. I feel like some of ’em even had two plus one’s no one in America could recognize. “Lodi, dodi, and everybody.” It’s too bad Phaedra doesn’t have the cojones Kenya tucks every morning. She whould’ve did ’em like Kenya did Shamea on the boat last year.


Sheree shares some tea with Marlo that everyone in Atlanta has already heard twice. She claims she just wants the girls to be honest with each other  but we all know the only reason she telling Marlo is so she can repeat it later. Weak foreshadowing by Bravo.


Phaedra thinks it would be a good idea to sleep outside for a night so they pitch tents and light a fire to spark the shade. #AskMarlo begins and I’m just waiting for one of them to ask why she ever in life sat around bedazzling bottles of Off. Phae Phae asks, “what’s on trend besides camel toe?” and Marlo goes right in on Kenya talking about her lashes being too long and too thick. UM, OKAYY.

Which then leads to an argument between the two that went a little like, “Kenya you’re miserable, earrings trash, lashes super trash, you need a dermatologist, you can’t keep a broke man and then the mom comment. It got dark fast and was a very low blow especially since Marlo grew up in foster care and knows all about not having a mother’s love. Kenya started calling her all types of prostitutes but she ain’t have much else of a rebuttal.

The next morning we learn Marlo hiked back to the cabins in the middle of the night because she had Flat Tummy Tea bubble guts. Extraneous information I could’ve lived without. You bitches might as well endorse laxatives they been around a lot longer. Kandi questions Phaedra about a 60-day divorce again and I still can’t figure out why she gives a fuck.


They go do water sports on the lake and Sheree’s reaction to a horse fly buzzing by lets you know exactly where this scene is headed. The guide pushes her paddle boat into the water and she reacts as if she’s been set on fire. She looks back at him with the meanest mug and yells, “what you do that for!?” Lmao she was so sick, screaming about getting a yeast infection, it was hilarious. Lake water is nasty as shit and it fucking stinks so I feel her on this.

Next Porsha jumps to her death kicking and screaming and lands safely in tears. Sheree declines the free fall and we learn she ain’t so adventurous at all.


Marlo pulls up to dinner in thigh highs, a diamond chocker and one of Safarree’s squirl furs he wore all season on LHH.  Kenya addresses the digs from yesterday and SHE apologizes again for not inviting Marlo to her parties which is the most childish shit ever. She’s scared of her frfr.

Then we get right into the mess. Marlo asks Kandi if she’s a lesbian and Porsha morphs into an owl, “whooo, whoo said that, WHOOOOO?” girl bye! Doing all that hooting and hollering knowing damn well you said it! Chile…all Phaedra is doing is sipping wine. She will not fess up to anything, looking very nervous. Porsha continues to press the issue and gets shocked when Sheree reveals it was her.

Now Porsha is confused and don’t know exactly what she said but in the same breath she’s saying, “it was just shade.” When she coulda just owned that from jump! Ugh. Frack is most def enjoying frick getting fucked. Sheree does take a log of convos, she’s like a damn parrot at this point aka “the bone carrier.”


Porsha says, “Kandi don’t know my business but I know hers,” and Kandi lets us know Porsha becomes an aggressive lesbian when she’s drunk. This is just a big mess and I don’t know why any of them care enough to spill this tea but I surely will be here to sip it.


The rest of the season looks like it’s heating up. I’ll be tuned in, will you?

dalface xx

Porsha Dressed to Dead Bitches and Got Deaded: RHOA S9 E12


I been gone for a minute but I come to you in the aftermath of a near brunch time brawl. The housewives of Atlanta have been giving me life this season so let’s just get right into it.

Phaedra and Kenya meet up to buy things for their upcoming Glamping trip and of course, address what went left at their last get together. Kenya continues to defend her actions and claims she fears for her safety around Porsha. When wholetime she was the aggressor, following her out the restaurant and duck walking on Sheree. Bitch bang!


I really can’t stand when Kenya pokes the bear then acts like a distraught white woman with the police on speed dial. I.e. the incident in Miami with Tracie’s, or whatever her name is, nephew. Kenya called Porsha out her name and basically asked her if she was on any anti-psycotics and she didn’t get slapped, sounds like progress to me.


Phaedra says she wants everyone to act civilized, unlike urban portrayals and Kenya says she’s from Detroit she never acts like that anyway. Phae Phae does the matrix on her ass which was exactly my reaction.


Porsha goes to see her therapist and brings up how quiet Phae Phae was during the whole ordeal. Which really ain’t nothing knew for Phaedra, she’s been a background bully. Then she mentions how shocking it was for Kandi to have gone off on her like a bitch off the streets. I guess that all black outfit couldn’t dead all them bitches..

Cynthia meets up with Matt to help diffuse the situation between he and Kenya. He talks about the lack of respect shown and Kenya’s manipulation which I believe 100%. We have seen Kenya manipulate people for seasons but that still doesn’t excuse a grown ass man breaking windows whenever he gets mad, get your self together Mathew. Cynthia said it best, “if she’s the drama queen you’re the drama king.” Kenya didn’t like being called dramatic and so she storms off of Cynthia’s property to prove it.


Kandi throws an all white party to celebrate Shamea’s engagement and none of the ladies show up in white. I’m still confused as to how she and Kandi got so close but that really ain’t none of my business. What is my business however, is Shamea’s vivid rendition of a blow job. She sucked the shit out of that imaginary dick sound effects and all, and for that I gotta love her.


Porsha then goes over to Shamea’s house to give a kinda sorta apology for not showing up to her party. Shamea articulates that she should’ve been there for her because the night was about her not Kandi. Porsha was basically like look, I’m sorry I didn’t come but the reason was much bigger than you and I stand by my decision. Ehhhokayyy. She goes on to deny the conversation she had with Phae Phae and Sheree while Bravo cuts to clips of her not only allowing the convo but agreeing to Shamea sleeping with husbands. The whole scene just left me really uneasy; like why is Porsha going so hard for Phaedra, are they munching on each others boxes too?


The day of the glamping trip finally arrives and the girls meet up with each other to wait for the bus at Kenya’s and Sheree’s house. For the life of me I do not know why Sheree had people over when they can’t come inside! Kenya had a beautiful spread set out for the girls and the Manor seems to be coming along great. Meanwhile over at Sheree’s she brought out a fold-up card table, placed it in her front yard and acted as if it was just a no-brainer that people weren’t allowed inside. Talking bout, “girl you know it’s still a construction site.” Then why didn’t you just go to Kenya’s!!? Lord, Sheree plays too fucking much! I could not stop laughing.

On the bus Porsha pulls out a doctors note that allows her to bring a guest on the trip and everybody is just like girl bye. Save the antics for Kenya and phony Phae Phae.

The episode ends there, continue on to the next part…





Married to Medicine: S4 REUNION PT.1

“Witcho ole gay ass husband”

We kick off the Married to Medicine reunion with a Darren dig from Toya and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love the behind the scenes shots of them in dressing rooms. Dr. Simon and Dr.Jackie are seated to each side of Andy, so yeah, we know who the HBIC’s are here.

Mrs.Mariah and Heavenly have on the same shoes and earrings which she announces will be burned when she gets home. Dr. Jackie speaking on Drs still being human beings at the end of the day was cute. I am here for the black excellence on this show!


Lisa Nicole is delusional af for wanting a baby just to bring her and her husband closer, but WHY IS HEAVENLY SO CONCERNED !!! WORRY ABOUT DADDY! It’s not yall business and yall don’t come at her out of a place of love. It’s almost as if you all find solace in her pain, so yeah, I’d be on the defense too. The baby thing is weird but can they just lay off?

“Darren will be out soon and by out I mean, out here,” Andyyy why you so damn messy!


Lisa is fucking nuts but she just needs love. Actually, she too damn old for that excuse she needs a shrink and a life coach. Toya apologizes for calling Darren gay with a but. A literal butt, because she brings up the alleged mole on Darren’s ass. The mole thing though, can anyone verify? Lisa goes on to read them about the double standards in the group and Andy is right about Darren probably not wanting to be around the ladies. Shit, I wouldn’t wanna be around them either, every time he’s talked about I cringe.


Mrs. Quad is sitting hunny!!


Heavenly’s daughter is GOALS AF. I can’t wait to have my mini me and help mold her into a precocious little powerhouse. It hurts me to hear about Lisa having to explain the gay rumors to her boys. All the kids is cute.


Toya does make bad decisions with her broke ass mentality. Nothing wrong with taking 2 steps back and getting it together. Since you two are so educated I’m sure someone in medical school told you to get a financial advisor, pay someone to do your taxes or something! Stop it. Lisa having her own tax issues is hilarious, I forgot all about that. Glass house shawty.


Ok Mrs. Toya bitch! She said she signing checks too, don’t get it fucked up!


Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion!! Huge success…Get ready…it's HOOOOTTTTT!!!!

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Genise came thru and slayed Heavenly’s rude ass this season. She was shifting uncomfortably in her seat just watching the clips back. I do think she is genuinely sorry and EMBARRASSED. “You look like grandma Hilda with that dress on!”

Mariah makes good on her promise and has gone as far as to remove her shoes and earrings. Stating, “I will not wear the shoes, I will not wear earrings, I will not wear anything Heavenly’s wearing.” Mkayyyy, that’ll teach ’em. This then launches a “yo momma” filled feud and the two go at. Heavenly says,”yo momma thirsty,” and then immediately apologizes like a real bipolar maniac. She is hilarious, “sometimes when people get me mad I like to lay into they momma.” Same, girl.

Heavenly then says, “Mariah the only one that’s under 40 that looks over 50 and that she can come clean up her office.” Mariah replies, “I would love to come to your office and clean because from what I hear, it’s nasty as hell.” JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! The shit continues on for a good while before Andy cuts in, he loved every minute.


The comment about her drinking a bottle of crown in two hours is defamatory to say the least.


Toya’s dress and 20ft train makes me want to run into a spiked fence.

Part 2 of the reunion with the husbands airs next Friday at 8pm est. Tune in Darren will be in hot water! How do you think he’ll handle it? Let me know!

dalface xx


The Scene recently posted a video of two ex’s confronting each other regarding infidelity that has now gone viral. After watching, women on twitter were sent into a frenzy with the consensus being, that guy is the scum of the earth. The comments range from: “hard to watch,” “he felt no remorse,” “there’s no way he really cared for her,” to “women are trash at picking men,” “I felt for her,” and “it couldn’t have been me.” #HurtBae has now turned into an internet sensation so I figured I’d give my two cents on the dramatization.

The video begins with Hurt Bae asking her ex to tell her exactly what he did. He answers, “I had sex with other girls. I did everything,” and the way he’s smirking and not able to keep a straight face let me know everything I needed to about the situation within the first 13 seconds. He doesn’t care about her or the situation at all and he never took the woman seriously. I don’t know why she didn’t dead the conversation right then and there.

They recap meeting in college and becoming the best of friends! Then things quickly got dark. She reveals she caught him sexting other women multiple times and when he didn’t stop, she stayed. Next she caught him with another girl in his room and he brazenly kicked her out. She believed him when he said he wouldn’t do it again, again and stayed in the relationship despite not being able to trust him. So of course she spent the rest of their time together going through his phone to turn the relationship into more of a mother, son dynamic. This is when he asks her the million-dollar question, “if you would go through such measures to find out whatever, why wouldn’t you just leave?” Ding, ding, ding! Women who spend their free time going through their bfs phones, stalking social media and combing through emails just to cry and stay please stop it. What are you getting out of this? Where are you finding the time? Please put your energy into something constructive because I can’t think of a faster way to drive dick away than trying to cage and regulate it. Find you a man that actually wants to commit, leave or simply be quiet.

This is a classic example of, he’s just not that into you. Women need to be able to recognize these red flags way sooner. He can claim he loves you and is willing to commit till he’s blue in the face but if his actions are showing you the opposite then you need to listen to that. Actions speak louder than words, it really is just that simple. If he wanted to stop texting bitches he would. If he wanted to stop fucking bitches he would! He doesn’t want to and he showed her that in every way possible but she still sat there hoping he would change while giving him even more of a reason not to. When someone shows you who they really are believe them.

Ladies, no man that loves you or considers you to be a soulmate, lover and best friend will ever in his life look you in your eyes and laugh at your pain talking about, ‘I lost track of how many times I cheated.’ Man please! Have enough love for yourselves to walk away from situations that are no longer serving you. Reciprocity is the most integral part in regards to love. If your partner cannot match your commitment, your love, your ambition, your quality of life well then baby you got to go. Stop lying next to men who don’t even respect you.

Yall don’t really hear me though. Just go ahead and keep checking your man’s phone, let me know how much joy and happiness it brings!


The city that never sleeps is the home of people that think because they sleep in 4×4 apartments surrounded by trash, that somehow makes them more ‘worldly’ and superior. Fortunately for NYC that’s not all it’s known for.

The roots of hip hop lie in New York, that is undisputed. It has given us legend after legend: Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, Biggie, Jay Z, G-Unit, Dipset, just to name several. But lately it’s giving us solo circus acts, arrogant artists and evil dictators.

These 10 tragedies have happened at the hands on New Yorkers in 2016 alone:

  1. Three men came out and accused the hip hop legend Afrika Bambaataa of sexual abuse. afrikabambataa
  2. Bobby Shmurda told on himself in the 2014 single that got him poppin “Hot Nigga”. He then copped a plea on a gun charge, tried to take it back but it was too late and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison; 2 years served 5 left. As we head into the new year I want to propose the #StopTellingOnYourSelvesChallenge ….ready set go!cvzcvrcw8aaysj6
  3. Donald Trump, the die-hard New Yorker and rapper endorsed, reality tv personality won the President elect. Yup, that’s y’all guy and I’m gonna blame his arrogance and piss pore education, or lack there of, on his environment. Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Up Like Donald Trump’ was just one of the many songs that predate his presidency. nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runners
  4.  New York is where Love & Hip Hop originated and became a reality TV powerhouse back in 2011. Fast forward to damn near 7 years later and it has become a badly scripted, ghetto, EMBARRISING, Shakespearean spoof.  I mean, this shit has just gotten beyond fake, the drama is contrived and the cast members are desperate. I can’t even enjoy this shit anymore. All we see are: baby mamas crying about shit nobody gives a fuck about, old saggy man balls that have managed to spread seed nation wide, loud mouth girl friends/wives on top of tables yelling about cheating, no talent, did I mention washed up producers having sex with boy-body built bitches and referring to themselves as the creep squad? I can not make this shit up.


5. Young MA got one little hit and smashed an IG thot, now she thinks she’s God’s gift.       She heckled her own crowd at her concert, I didn’t even know this was a thing. Then she booked a venue in N.O. that wasn’t full enough when she arrived and so she kept it moving. Her birth certificate says girl, but you can draw your own conclusions, we’re all entitled to our opinions…. I’m aligning her with Kevin Gates, subtract the talent. We thought yall were giving us a star with this one but nahhhh just take her back.


6. The Game had beef with Meek, went to NY to shoot a diss video, and had Brooklyn niggas dancing in the back like thots. This didn’t have anything to do with them so I don’t know why they were back there gassing him up.

7. Troy Ave was charged with attempted murder at Irving Plaza. This why they won’t give us venues. We haven’t heard from since his album sold 1,000 copies and this was his big splash back onto the scene. troy-ave-106-park-billboard-1548.jpg

8. DJ Envy supported Stop & Frisk live on air.

9. Safaree daggered his ass across the globe and still managed to embarrass the fuck outta NY. This Brooklyn bottom was jumping on cars during scenes that had nothing to do with him. He got played by a girl named Nikki, was shot down for the 3sum, and dragged by the woman she was cheating with. He started a coconut oil line (exactly what the world needed!) and wore fur vests with no shirt the entire season. It is just astonishing, see for yourself.

10. Lastly, Drake fans pulled up on Joe Budden at his house taunting him and he came back at them slinging rocks. This entire beef was actually hilarious, I still feel like it came out of thin air.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the women of New York are making tremendous strides. From Angela Yee, to Nicki, to Karen Civil, Remy, and Angie Martinez they are voices that transcend hip hop and are an inspiration to girls all over the world. Now if only the men could get it together.