The Dublin Debacle

S11 Ep15 RHOC Recap: Scene by Scene w/ Commentary


Shannon’s behavior towards Vicki at the end of last week’s episode got me thinking…maybe she does have something to hide. Does Vicki really have something on her? Now I’m fucking dying to know because how does Shanners just go from being 100% off of the Vicki train to now being able to joke around with her and expose her breasts at a party for a quick quiqui? I don’t get it, this better be building into something.

Megan’s FT marriage makes me depressed but not as depressed as Jimmy’s lack luster conversations while on FT. I mean c’mon you spend 90% of your time away from her the least you could do is show some enthusiasm. She’s a woman that actually suffers from depression so I don’t understand how she is functioning in that relationship. I really hope they’re giving him a bad edit because it really seems like he’s just not that into her, and by ‘just not’ I mean, at all. Turn on the charm Jimmy, this is your second season you gotta give us a little more than cold, blank staring dead eyes.

Kelly & Michael go to rehab please.

Vicki, oh Vicki. I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall for her overnight “coffee” date. Is that creepy? Whatever idc that bitch knows how to get down and I love it. The “we’re all here joke” at the airport when they were waiting on Shan Shan…I love her sense of humor, it’s like sure she just got back into everyone’s good graces so of course joke about the one that took the longest to come around. And then the blatant flirting, border sexual assault, on the “sexy bartender? on their pub crawl, yumm.


I feel like I blocked out the “Kill Cancer Commercial” because I truly forgot all about it until weeks later. How low can you go?? I mean cmon Vicki you even thinking that that was an appropriate venture for you is disgusting. Stop.

The girls make it to the airport, check in with the correct airline (Ethiopian Airlines), and fly to Ireland, successfully. & we also learn Ethiopia isn’t next to Ireland, noted Tamera.

I want to be Shannon for Halloween and just walk around screaming at the top of my lungs during normal human interactions.

“I’m Shannon! We’re going to the SHANNON airport!”

I’m whipping out Kelly’s “Part-A” joke at the next social gathering I peal myself out of bed for. Sooooo, next year.


Ok is Kelly’s only friend her child? Because I’m starting to get that vibe from her. Leave those nursery school ass one liners in the fuckin vault. Lock it up.

Fast forward through Megans genealogy sess because, well, nobody cares.

Cut to Kelly being premature af with another school yard nose flick joke, can she please stop it? Hey Vicki why tf didn’t you just tell Kelly, your friend, that you didn’t like her game? Why tell Tamra? Tamra is so loud so Kelly obviously hears her and Vicki talking about it. She then shouts “keep walking” as Tamra heads to the bathroom and you already know she turned that ass around real quick.

*Vicki says a silent prayer* Oh now you wanna pray to Jesus and take potty breaks Vicki? Really, after you start a screaming match in the pub? Cute.

Kelly and Tamra are screaming across the bar and of course Kelly retreats and starts apologizing, well not exactly. I loveeeee a good “I’m sorry but”, “I’m sorry you felt that way”, I’m sorry you found out” etc. like GO FUCK YOUR SELF if you’re fucking sorry you are sorry don’t demean me even more and throw salt in the wound by turning what is supposed to be a sign of your remorse into a shade.


I’m really starting to believe Kelly blacks out and isn’t aware that she is a monster, like this is just her. Because right after the ‘sorry not sorry’ she takes a step into a pile of racist shit. She literally spins a web full of stereotypes without missing a beat. She throws out something along the lines of, “Jewish people have a sense of humor, their usually funny.” There was a lot of “they’s” thrown around and Heather says “you should stop saying that you sound racist”. Her response to that is another one of my favorite types of comeback when someone’s completely in the wrong, “I’M NOT BEING RACIST I’M MEXICAN.”

It’s the good ole “I’m not racist I have a black friend”, “I’m not sexist I have daughter”, please, spare us….


Cut to another screaming match between Tamra and Kelly (of course Vicki’s staying out of it, we hear you girl) about the Dubrow’s getting a loan to buy their lot. WHO EVEN CARES? I don’t get why Kelly won’t back down nor why Tamra even brought that bullshit up. This whole scene is getting tired and I suppose they finally got kicked out of said pub because they grab their shit and go.

Heathers visibly perturbed and announces she needs retail therapy so they angrily march down the cobblestone streets of Dublin, with Shannon and Kelly trailing behind.

Instead of Kelly taking this time to try and win Shannon over fully and show remorse for all that just ensued she just keeps rambling on: “Tamra’s a liar, a goddamn liar, she’s a shit disturber!” (I have no fucking clue what a shit disturber is so maybe she just coined a new term, she said it 3 times). And then she spoke the words only a belligerent cunt could stomach, “No wonder her daughter isn’t talking to her.” *Deep inhale, jaws dropped, major cringe* Shannon tells her that was wrong and runs over to tell Tamra.


Well I guess the cameras either weren’t quick enough, weren’t allowed into the department store or they weren’t allowed to air this but the screen becomes unfocused and all we hear is audio of Tamra’s head exploding: “You talk about my fucking daughter and I’ll fucking kill you!” “What is wrong with you!? Fuck you!”

You could feel the rage through the TV screen. Mind you this is just 30 minutes into the episode apparently Tamra pushed her and Kelly just kept saying “what, what are you talking about, I didn’t say anything”, ugh I hate a bitch that can’t own her shit. 

I just love how in the midst of all of this Heather is seething because they got kicked out of the store. Seriously that’s what you find egregious about this whole thing? “I’ve never been kicked out of store before in my life” STFU HEATHER UGHHHHHHHHHH I used to like her, I used to love her, I felt a connection but this….the way she’s acting now…Im having a change of heart.

You then see Tamra run onto the bus, break down, and begin the possessed rocking of a religious nut on a plane.


The rest of the episode was them talking about it over brunch, dinner, and a fun exploration of the city, snooze. So just to recap; Kelly Dodd managed to offend every woman on the trip in less than what I felt to be 24 hours, alienated herself, and is now back to being public enemy number one.

I’ve been on the fence about this bitch all season. She came in guns blazing; I thought it was a bit much at first but that she was funny. Then the Mrs. Roper incident happened and I kinda fell in love, not gonna lie. The cunt drop at dinner was epic but now after this Dublin Debacle, I’m completely done with her. Exiled, banished, bye bye Doddy.


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