We Don’t Care Who You Fuck Just Stop Talking About It


As a woman that truly embraces her sexuality I have an aversion to bitches that build their careers off of busting pussy open AND talking about it, to then make it a habit to constantly complain about not being well respected or getting negative comments. Ma, just like a reality TV personality is not equipped to be president of the United States; a former stripper/escort/scammer etc, should not be the head of a feminist group or anything like that. They just should not. Yes, I understand people grow, evolve, and change but people don’t forget. Someone is going to remember any crude remark made, any “pussy grabbed”, any nude leaked, any train ran, you catch my drift. They’re going to come forward with that story and fuck your whole movement up. Now you’re no longer credible.

And so you knowing that you’re a liability and knowing that feminism or enriching the lives of others in general is important you should be ok with taking a back seat. Maybe your name isn’t on the building or a part endorsements, maybe you’re not the speaker for press runs, and that should be ok because you know this shit is bigger than you. Maybe, you be quiet, move in the background and show support that way.

Amber Rose is the perfect example with her constant, attention starved cries about her body and sexuality. She used to not bother me at all, too each is own, I was never a rose bud or anything but I thought she was dope/sexy. But now, this bitch has become some sort of crusader for women with an army built of bitches who post pics of their ass and sell skinny tea all day. That’s not feminism. Instead of parading around LA in fishnets and a leotard once every year, why don’t you have seminars for young girls on consent and becoming women or start a mentor program? Her foundation looks amazing and I’m sure has helped at least one woman in California, why not talk about that more? I just don’t see how helpful her taking on the face of the American Slut Walk was for the movement as a whole. It has lost its message because let’s just face the harsh reality of our society, looks matter. The masses, MEN ESPECIALLY, will never listen to what’s coming out of your mouth when your tits are spilling out of your shirt and your ass is swallowing whatever nylon bottom you have on. So if acceptance is truly what you all seek, change your approach.

We’re all having sex. Some of us sooner than others, some better than others but regardless it’s a huge part of humanity. It literally is humanity ok. So no one is shaming you for having sex. We are shaming you for forcing your sexuality, nudes, and various relationships upon us for what feels like 10 years and then complaining when you don’t like the responses you get. Put some fucking pants on, stfu, and stop complaining. It’s annoying. I can’t. I won’t. I refuse.



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