I’m Over The Black Women Bashing

First and foremost, I want to address the wildebeest in the video above. I don’t think anyone should be commenting on other people’s looks if they are not at least a fucking six. He in fact is in the negatives and the limit does not exist. The fact that someone that resembles an obese Alien vs. Predator movie extra has the nerve to tell ANYONE to tighten up is beyond me.

There is this never ending narrative that black women are undesirable and that even black men don’t want us. I’m rolling my eyes so fucking hard right now because I just do not subscribe to that bullshit. Whenever I hear people even entertaining this, I sit and try very hard to think of at least 5 black men I know that do not like black women and I seriously draw a blank. A few names come to mind that prefer to date Spanish women, Blasian women or whatever but I don’t see anything wrong with that. Then of course there are the token black guys that only date white girls but honestly, who gives a fuck? We don’t want them either. People prefer who they prefer and that really doesn’t affect met. The gag is, in my 23 years of life I haven’t come across a race/ethnicity that hasn’t tried to holla so you dusty bitches always crying about not being wanted, miss me. Black women, stop feeding into the all the self-hate. They don’t want us to be happy.

Now take a second and try extremely hard to look past that disgusting, stale yellow, copper coated grill and listen to what he’s saying. He uses “ho” all throughout the video so if you’re not a ho you shouldn’t be offended by this at all. Although his approach and lexicon are way off I agree with some parts of what he said; “You get y’all ass done, ya titties done, ya paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club, bitch. Tighten up, hoe.” He’s speaking to all you botched body ass bitches out here getting surgery to emulate celebrities and IG hos. Y’all really do need to tighten up and use some logic. Death to ass shot. Death to lip injections. Death to Kylies fake ass hips, if I see that bitch get any wider within the span of 2 years I’m gonna gauge my eyeballs out. I really want this fad to die out. It’s starting to make me very uncomfortable.

I say all that to say this; now is not the time to be publically bashing black people as a damn black man! Like wtf is wrong with you trying to denounce your mother, grandma, sisters, aunties? His appearance screams section 8 so I know he got several hos in his family.

I’m glad he posted this video though because now I can speak for most black people and say he’s officially been evicted from the community. Which got me thinking about all the other assholes with their black cards revoked…

We Are Not Claiming:

  • Azealia Banks, thirsty af and nobody likes or feels sorry for you. Please, please go away forever.
  • Trick Daddy, hard on the eyes and ears.
  • Raven Symone, gross.
  • Stacey Dash, I mean, really…..…
  • Bow Wow, Floyd Mayweather, and Fetty Wap, are very all lives matter and they can be discarded as well.
  • KoonYe

I know I’m missing a lot of people please comment and help me add to the list!

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