You Gotta Pay to Play, or in This Case Just Pay


Mariah Carey is apparently hitting up her ex fiancé, James Packer, for a $50 million settlement; she wants to keep her $10 mil engagement ring, and a LA mansion must be included. Mariah is demanding this due to her having to uproot her family from NY to live with the billionaire and her now having to cancel tour dates due to the emotional distress.

So she basically bypassed the wedding, an actual marriage, hell, even copulation, and went straight to spousal support. Which honestly I cannot knock. I’m all about being straight forward, open and honest about what you want out of life. Let’s look at this way: she “never fucked him”, she demanded extravagant gifts to the point a friend had to step in, had zero interest in his family or their gatherings, and received a $10 million engagement ring. There was no wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario here, she never lied to him, she’s been clawing at his pockets the entire time.

Seeing as how her over spending is the reason for their constant fighting and inevitable split I find her all the more fascinating. There are women who can’t get their husbands to so much as get up off the couch and get a job and Mariah is asking her ex FIANCE for $50 million because he “needs” to take care of her.

Get it Mimi. Goals.

If only I could be so out of touch and blissfully unaware of reality and all the other humans that live in it. We should all take a second and appreciate this as a learning lesson it is; when you’re a queen no relationship should end pretax.

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