Rob Kardashian Uses Racial Slurs And Threatens Violence Against Blac Chyna’s Ex Friend


Rob Kardashian is allegedly under investigation with the LAPD due to threatening texts he sent to the man that posted pics of him kissing Blac Chyna and claiming to be the father of her child. Yawn. As if Kris Jenner would ever let things get this far with no paternity test, yeah fuckin right. So when she started ranting on IG about it I was really confused but then I remembered they still want to get picked up for another season of Rob & Chyna.

There’s so many things wrong with this whole scenario I don’t even know where to begin…

1. Not your wife. You aren’t even in a stable, functioning relationship. I do not see y’all making it down the isle and if you do you’re an idiot and she is genius. I suggest you find a woman a little more your speed because no strong woman would want to hear your constant cries for attention. I would throat chop your ass repeatedly.

2. Not Mexican. Wth, are you gonna go to Long Beach and round some up some of your migos for a brawl? Like what are you even talking about…

3. Whose ass are you beating?? Is this the same man whining, bitching, moaning, and complaining about not having any clothes that look good and not wanting to go anywhere? Boo.Hoo. Is this a joke? You do realize you were visibly scared about how a naked mole rat was going to feel about your impending offspring.

Please just stfu and get your mind/body right for your daughter. You’re a hot mess. Your show is like knives in my eyes.

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