Dublin Debacle pt.2


The episode starts with the girls hungover and Vicki recollecting her sexual assault on the bartender last night.

Cool, Megan plans an activity NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO, a farm, kill me, and gets to show up late; to do what again? To tap random people on the shoulder in town and ask them if they’re related to her clan…First of all don’t call anything a clan, I don’t give a fuck if that’s the term used in Ireland it just makes me think of Klu Klux. & second, how fucking stupid does that plan sound? When the genealogist said that he was speaking figuratively Megan that was not him giving you instructions.


Jesus Christ! Vicki is exposing her breasts at the lunch table. What is wrong with her? I fuckin love her.

& Oh no, Kelly feels excluded and like she’s not a part of the clique boohoo. Wipe that frightened, innocent, annoying ass lost look off your face you did this to yourself.

Loveeee the passive aggressive talk about Tamras mother’s day card. If Kelly didn’t interject for that apology I would’ve written her off as senile, demented, down syndrome…

Tamra doesn’t really accept her apology and offers up a taut half smile; and you can just see the wheels turning in her head on how to get away with her murder.


In the next scene public enemy number one seems to have gained some brain cells because she opts to pace herself, instead of getting hammered at 2pm, stand up job Kell. Her croquet bustier however is alarming, great rack real or fake but put those tits away. What the hell is going on with these women?

Shannon literally displays rape culture as she all but shoves tequila down Kelly’s throat at dinner. Kelly blatantly declined her drink offer and states “she’s not drinking tonight”, and as if she hadn’t spoken Shanner’s continues to order for her. THEN she goes back to the kitchen, and instructs the servers to make all the drinks a double. C l a s s y. Why not just whip out the roofies? Kelly’s, well, alive so she picks up on this and doesn’t fall for the intricate plot against her.

BRAVO WTH YOU’RE REALLY DROPPING THE BALL. I’m not sure wtf is up with production sleeping on the job this trip but they apparently miss the last 6 hours of the night so the girls have to give us an overly dramatized play by play. They got wasted after dinner and invited Vicki to come down, no Kelly. Well Vicki starts to run her mouth like we know and love and tells TT that Kelly’s still talking shit about her. Turnt up Tamra then takes a picture with Vicki and sends it to Kelly along with a series of nasty texts. & of course she flips shit in the hotel hallway; “I never said that, I’m not talking about you, you guys get pleasure out of this” bring on the tears


Cut to Kelly on the bus – her head is spinning off, she’s ripping into Shannon and anyone that interjects.


She’s going going, going, going, hurling insults at Shannon without missing a beat.


Kelly has lost it. The gifs do not do it justice, please go watch this. It is…a sight and next week’s episode looks even better.

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