The Trip Home: RHOC S11 Ep17

OHKAYYY I already had to pause because the first 5 minutes of this episode really sent me spinning.


We picked up right where we left off on the bus, thank God. Megan’s in her interview saying how she wants to stick up for Kelly but she doesn’t know exactly what happened….UHHH you know enough Megan. You know and have seen enough to realize, even if she is in the wrong my friend is literally drowning and she needs saving. Seriously get a fuckin back bone. I fucking hate Megan.

Heathers chastising Kelly like she does everybody and she’s firing right back. Shanners brings up how quiet Vicki’s being and how she should stop pretending nothing’s wrong and have her friends back. Thank you! As entertaining as it is to watch someone continuously drop gems to stir the pot and then dip out and start acting like Silent Bob IT GETS INFURIATING. I am a bitch that sticks by her actions and stands firm in her word, right or wrong! I could never keep my mouth shut through all of this are you kidding me?


Anyways, Shannon drops the gem that kick starts the avalanche of marriage secrets. She tells Kelly that Vicki was chiming in right along with everyone else tonight in saying that Kelly has drinking/emotional problems.

Kelly did not like that news, uh uh, she has been loyal to Vicki this whole season but now she’s letting everything out of the bag and I’m just eating it all up.

“She said your husband beat the shit outta you!”, Kelly exclaimed. Shannon’s jaw dropped. Heathers out of her seat screaming, “enough!!”. There’s a lot of shut the fuck ups and then Shannon flies into a rage, “MY KIDS CALL YOU AUNT VICKI HOW DARE YOU CUT DOWN THEIR FATHER!!” she’s seething, she’s crying, she wants blood.


A thought runs over Tamra’s face and she gets up to ask Kelly, “is there any other information she fed you?”& finally the gay rumors surface. Vicki’s been flapping her trap about Eddie having an affair and being gay. TT don’t like that at all. She yelling in her face, “TALK ABOUT MY HUSBAND! GO TO HELL, FUCK YOU!!”

There’s one last prepubescent “shut up. no you shut. SHUT UP” shouting match then the girls finally get to the airport. Heather begins petting Megan’s face and telling her how sick Kelly is and it was uncomfortable to watch. You could just tell Megan didn’t agree and wanted nothing to do with it. But she’s so fucking weak and demure she didn’t speak the fuck up.

Kelly looks like 14-year-old Asian b-boy getting off the bus in that Adidas track suit and slouched beanie, ew.


End Scene.

To be continued…

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