“He Has Sympathy For Her; It’s Sympathy Sweetie, That’s It”


“There’s the artist…whose work looks good from a far then you get up close and, ugghhhhh!……. That’s Hoop’s mom”


“yes, yes, yes, I do, I have a fuckin knife and I’m flailing it around, eating my steak, and I’m fucking loving it, and I’m gonna keep the knife in my hand…..LLLLIVE WITH IT”


“cute, next to gorgeous, gorgeous is gonna devour cute so ummmm…in the looks department I’ve obviously scored too high for her to catch up”


“Do I like Pumpkin? No. Do I respect Pumpkin? No. Does Pumpkin still need a face lift? Yes.”


“Do It!!!! Slap me bitch, I want you to”


Please, please, please go back and watch all seasons of this show and the spin off ‘I love New York” and then switch over to “Real Chance of Love”. Honestly, this was on while I was in high school and my boy friend and I (still the same one) would laugh all day&night to this shit. Literally, would fall asleep to it. Go watch these vintage gems!


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