You Can’t Take Brenda’s Ass Nowhere! Regina Hall Is Hilarious

Five reasons why it’s acceptable for Brenda to be acting like this:

Shhhhh. “Shhh! Back at chu! Dunno why they actin already it ain’t nothin but the previews”

  • Seriously calm the fuck down, people purposefully come late to skip these…..

“BACKKK UPPPP LET HIM THROUGH!!! You could move back some, you don’t own the theatre!”

  • Bitches always have a fucking attitude and act like they can’t swivel their asses over anymore than 2 millimeters ughh. And they do not own the theatre. Brenda’s outburst here has merit.

“Uhhhhhh, unh unh, I think I paid my money like errrrbody else up in here” …… “I know you better get outta my face!! outta my face! outta my face! this is my all me up in here you handle dat.”

  • I mean she’s just stating straight FACTS here.

*a distant yell* Would you shut the fuck up!

“I don’t know why y’all is acting like this!! My girlfriend already seen the movie she say they don’t even stay together in the end” *Deep, exhausted, collective sigh*

  • Ungrateful! every single one of them smh…she’s telling them not to even bother investing in the characters relationship any longer because they’ll be disappointed in the end. It’s a warning, duh.

“Yea I got you! I got you! you on camera. You on candid camera now. You ain’t know dat”

  • He is just nosey as fuck. Everyone has to make a living; people need these out of focus, barely able to hear it, pirated movies with the coughs throughout. Neccessary.

-Cut To-

“Your ass is grass!!” grandma is cut throat. 

“This is for Thelma! and Louise!”  “This is for talking…for the Fugitive!” “You ruin all Jackie Chan movies” “Boogie Night!!!” and “Big Momma’s House” ….

The look that old man with the glasses gave her is gold. And I’m deadass tryna see  Amistad II. You guys this is the funniest scene of that era or maybe ever.


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