Moore Manor: RHOA S9 Ep2


The first episode of this season was a nice little intro. We pick up the second one, right back at Kenya’s “house warming”.

The Moore Manor shade is funny as fuck. I do not know why Kenya had them people in that unfinished house. It’s dusty, it’s hot, the banisters are unsteady, fix it Jesus.


Sheree catches the holy ghost when she sees Porsha pulling up to the event and does a tity sweat check; RELATEABLE. This is always my reaction to situations that should be treated subtle; kind of like all the times I’ve shown up somewhere uninvited, black out drunk, dancing on inanimate objects. #friendofafriend


Kenya walks in looking perturbed because she immediately spots Porsha in the sea of 15 guests. I’m 98% sure the white people there were Bravo staff.


Phaedra greets her warmly and gives her champagne. Kenya responds “is she your guest”, and pulls Porsha to the side immediately and asks her to leave in a real roundabout way. Petty, since been petty, since been petty. Porsha ass don’t want to be there anyway, nobody does. She bows out gracefully with Phaedra in tow.

-I’m so over the comments on the African men everybody fucking lol– where they at doe

-Lol are her railings really that loose or are they all playing with her?

Sheree, Kandi, and Cynthia roll out shortly after, and Matt rolls up.


This scene feels disingenuous. Kenya, have the girls at Bravo spritz your eyes or something before scenes like this. If you’re gonna go for it you have to fully commit; have the tears at the ready! And so what he kicked your door in, at least it wasn’t your face. Let the man back up into your manor.

Kandi and her Krew talk too damn much:

-Ace does not need a baby line…why, why, why? Todd is really trying to make a living off of every person genetically connected to Kandi, totally get it now.

-OLG ain’t open because, Todd. Why are they using his contractor? Is he reputable? They build entire condos in the blink of an eye. This 70 seat restaurant couldn’t be that hard.

-Kandi don’t pull a Cynthia and continue footing the bill of a broke man’s dreams, they tend to fail. #Amotherslove

-Momma Joyce gets more and more obnoxious as the seasons progress, when did she start doing confessionals? She is right though; Phaedra is too smart to not have known what Apollo was doing but that’s old news. I’m not sure why she’s so concerned about the lady divorce to be up doing happy dances and shit, bye.

-Everyone around Kandi treats her like a never ending vortex of money. They haven’t even broken all ground let alone broke-even, and the old lady gang is already asking when they’ll be paid.


Kenya and Phaedra caught up at lunch.  They talked about her getting back together with Matt, and Phae Phae got a chance to invite her to Porsha’s event. It was cute, I’m here for this on-screen friendship. I still don’t get why Phaedra is telling people she’s divorced when it’s on public record that she’s not, but too each its own.


Cynthia and Peter meet up to discuss the impending divorce. Dun, dun, dun… she looks so uncomfortable and over it. Peter is gross and she was never that into him to begin with. His “chest got tight and felt like a heart attack” because he realized his purse was about to be gone. This scene doesn’t make me sad at all, this marriage should have never happened. Ladies, please, please, PLEASE, stop settling. NEVER SETTLE.

The episode ends with Porsha’s girls event. It was some clue find, team building exercise; idk what the fuck they were doing but it looked stupid and so did they. Kandi and Phaedra are the first ones to arrive and awkward isn’t a good enough word to describe the silence. Their friendship was real, that’s why the aftermath of the downfall is so tragic.

They finish the game, I couldn’t tell you who won, then someone says “Well I guess we can all go now!”, and everyone eagerly grabs their shit and leaves.

Ok, Bravo this is exactly what everyone is talking about, this shit is so forced and disingenuous now. These events are lame and uncreative, the girls don’t like each other, they don’t want to show up to film these scenes, and it reads on camera.


Kenya and Shree linger behind to have a sophisticated conversation.



Shree the house comments are officially old and so misplaced. Look in the mirror and say these things to yourself. What does she mean by “we could’ve helped each other”? YOU BOTH CAN’T HELP YOURSELVES, am I missing something?

Regardless this scene gave us major shade and sound bites if nothing else. “you do need some trim or some molding” …… “twirl on some base boards”


“Bitch why you running? Your house not even finished”

Sheree will always have a seat at my damn table. Would you invite her to your Thanksgiving?






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