Married to Medicine: S4 REUNION PT.1

“Witcho ole gay ass husband”

We kick off the Married to Medicine reunion with a Darren dig from Toya and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love the behind the scenes shots of them in dressing rooms. Dr. Simon and Dr.Jackie are seated to each side of Andy, so yeah, we know who the HBIC’s are here.

Mrs.Mariah and Heavenly have on the same shoes and earrings which she announces will be burned when she gets home. Dr. Jackie speaking on Drs still being human beings at the end of the day was cute. I am here for the black excellence on this show!


Lisa Nicole is delusional af for wanting a baby just to bring her and her husband closer, but WHY IS HEAVENLY SO CONCERNED !!! WORRY ABOUT DADDY! It’s not yall business and yall don’t come at her out of a place of love. It’s almost as if you all find solace in her pain, so yeah, I’d be on the defense too. The baby thing is weird but can they just lay off?

“Darren will be out soon and by out I mean, out here,” Andyyy why you so damn messy!


Lisa is fucking nuts but she just needs love. Actually, she too damn old for that excuse she needs a shrink and a life coach. Toya apologizes for calling Darren gay with a but. A literal butt, because she brings up the alleged mole on Darren’s ass. The mole thing though, can anyone verify? Lisa goes on to read them about the double standards in the group and Andy is right about Darren probably not wanting to be around the ladies. Shit, I wouldn’t wanna be around them either, every time he’s talked about I cringe.


Mrs. Quad is sitting hunny!!


Heavenly’s daughter is GOALS AF. I can’t wait to have my mini me and help mold her into a precocious little powerhouse. It hurts me to hear about Lisa having to explain the gay rumors to her boys. All the kids is cute.


Toya does make bad decisions with her broke ass mentality. Nothing wrong with taking 2 steps back and getting it together. Since you two are so educated I’m sure someone in medical school told you to get a financial advisor, pay someone to do your taxes or something! Stop it. Lisa having her own tax issues is hilarious, I forgot all about that. Glass house shawty.


Ok Mrs. Toya bitch! She said she signing checks too, don’t get it fucked up!


Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion!! Huge success…Get ready…it's HOOOOTTTTT!!!!

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Genise came thru and slayed Heavenly’s rude ass this season. She was shifting uncomfortably in her seat just watching the clips back. I do think she is genuinely sorry and EMBARRASSED. “You look like grandma Hilda with that dress on!”

Mariah makes good on her promise and has gone as far as to remove her shoes and earrings. Stating, “I will not wear the shoes, I will not wear earrings, I will not wear anything Heavenly’s wearing.” Mkayyyy, that’ll teach ’em. This then launches a “yo momma” filled feud and the two go at. Heavenly says,”yo momma thirsty,” and then immediately apologizes like a real bipolar maniac. She is hilarious, “sometimes when people get me mad I like to lay into they momma.” Same, girl.

Heavenly then says, “Mariah the only one that’s under 40 that looks over 50 and that she can come clean up her office.” Mariah replies, “I would love to come to your office and clean because from what I hear, it’s nasty as hell.” JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! The shit continues on for a good while before Andy cuts in, he loved every minute.


The comment about her drinking a bottle of crown in two hours is defamatory to say the least.


Toya’s dress and 20ft train makes me want to run into a spiked fence.

Part 2 of the reunion with the husbands airs next Friday at 8pm est. Tune in Darren will be in hot water! How do you think he’ll handle it? Let me know!

dalface xx

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