My random thoughts on all things that go viral, hip hop/pop culture, reality tv and all the outlandish things that come with it. I don’t take anything too seriously, I think emotional breakdowns in public are for the entertainment of others and I wish the world was a lot less PC. Sometimes I bring it full circle and show you how these things relate back to relationship/societal issues.
I met the love of my life at 15, left him at 17 and got back together at 22. Now pushing 25 I’m here to let you know what you’re doing wrong as a single/taken woman but mostly, just come here and have a quiqui with me.
I’m  naturally underwhelmed and a little snarky, but seriously don’t take me so serious.
Please leave comments, like, share, stalk me on social media, alllllla that.
Send any questions for advice to: HeyThereDalicia@gmail.com
Love you if you love me – xoxo

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