RHOBH: Own it Lisa! S7 E12


As someone who has been called skeletor during squabbles I mean it when I say, Lisa Rinna’s protruding spinal cord and near labia slip was cute.

In true Beverly Hills fashion last week’s episode involved tears, cries of amnesia and a not so subtle early event departure.  When confronted with filling Eden’s head with desperate delusions about Kim’s looming death Rinna proved once again, that she can’t stand the heat. She went from absolutely not saying it, not remembering it, blaming it all on Eden to apologizing if she did say it. All the while Bravo is cutting to clips of her going the fuck in on Kim.


“If I did say it, it wasn’t in a mean, hateful way,” Rinna says while all of America rolls their eyes. Just own it Lisa! Own it!

Own the fact that your story lines have to revolve around the other women to deflect from your own scandals. Instead she takes a page out of Eileen’s book and hightails it out of there after a fit of hysterics. It’s almost as if her sobriety had been called into question.

Rinna summons Eden for a sit down because she is pissed that she outed her to Vanderpump. She comes in with a lot of passive aggression and then asks Eden, “why she went to LVP?” Here she learns the #1 rule when it comes to new friendships: telling your business is not an olive branch, be weary who you share with.


I just love it when people go on reality shows with at least three months of cameras recording them and can’t remember half of what they say. Eden claims she went to VP for an unbiased opinion and no one knows wtf she’s talking about, she isn’t unbiased sweetie. She also mentions how Rinna likes to flee the scene whenever she’s under fire. Chose your friends wisely coo-coo bird.

Rinna’s been doing a whole bunch of Charity work for a kitchen and still couldn’t be bothered to learn how to cook. Kyle acted as if she was touching acidic dick when she was cleaning the fish. Act like an adult! It’s food, this is what your chefs do to prepare your meals.


I really hate when chronically late bitches harp on somebody about being on time. VP shows up and explains she had trouble opening her gates before traveling there and Rinna makes a joke about her vagina gates being closed for years.  If I had even found her Gate joke funny I wouldn’t even be able to hear my own laughter over hers. Ha, ha, ha. Whoever’s writing her stuff lately is extremely annoying.


Dorito jerking off that zucchini is the last straw! 100% convinced Bravo launched a sex intiative last year and put it in all the women’s contracts. The sexual innuendos have gone from innuendo to IN-U-END-O.

And why the fuck is Eden a broken bird? Wtf is LVP talking about?

I love that Mr.Jarodie is super into Erika Jane’s video expensive, no regard for the the cost at all. Just throw it in the bag. Erika looks damn good sitting awkwardly across from him.

Cut to Rinna’s charity award dinner… Receiving an award for how charitable one is just makes me really uncomfortable. If it aint the nobel peace price I’m fucking cringing. LVP didn’t come because she doesn’t like Rinna, simple as that. Harry gives another moving speech while Rinna cries, championing him on anddddd their relationship has officially become nauseating. What are y’all trying to prove? The girls talk about Eden’s catfish, “I was once a model” boyfriend across the pond and the episode ends.

Ehh, not the most compelling and I’m astounded that Kim’s sobriety is still the biggest strife on the show. At least it no longer revolves around the great Munchausen debate. Give me more bravo…



Glamping: RHOA S9 E13

“I had to move my book bag before the camel toe ate it up.”


The girls arrive at the cabins and find out they’ll be having to share rooms due to them all inviting plus one’s. I feel like some of ’em even had two plus one’s no one in America could recognize. “Lodi, dodi, and everybody.” It’s too bad Phaedra doesn’t have the cojones Kenya tucks every morning. She whould’ve did ’em like Kenya did Shamea on the boat last year.


Sheree shares some tea with Marlo that everyone in Atlanta has already heard twice. She claims she just wants the girls to be honest with each other  but we all know the only reason she telling Marlo is so she can repeat it later. Weak foreshadowing by Bravo.


Phaedra thinks it would be a good idea to sleep outside for a night so they pitch tents and light a fire to spark the shade. #AskMarlo begins and I’m just waiting for one of them to ask why she ever in life sat around bedazzling bottles of Off. Phae Phae asks, “what’s on trend besides camel toe?” and Marlo goes right in on Kenya talking about her lashes being too long and too thick. UM, OKAYY.

Which then leads to an argument between the two that went a little like, “Kenya you’re miserable, earrings trash, lashes super trash, you need a dermatologist, you can’t keep a broke man and then the mom comment. It got dark fast and was a very low blow especially since Marlo grew up in foster care and knows all about not having a mother’s love. Kenya started calling her all types of prostitutes but she ain’t have much else of a rebuttal.

The next morning we learn Marlo hiked back to the cabins in the middle of the night because she had Flat Tummy Tea bubble guts. Extraneous information I could’ve lived without. You bitches might as well endorse laxatives they been around a lot longer. Kandi questions Phaedra about a 60-day divorce again and I still can’t figure out why she gives a fuck.


They go do water sports on the lake and Sheree’s reaction to a horse fly buzzing by lets you know exactly where this scene is headed. The guide pushes her paddle boat into the water and she reacts as if she’s been set on fire. She looks back at him with the meanest mug and yells, “what you do that for!?” Lmao she was so sick, screaming about getting a yeast infection, it was hilarious. Lake water is nasty as shit and it fucking stinks so I feel her on this.

Next Porsha jumps to her death kicking and screaming and lands safely in tears. Sheree declines the free fall and we learn she ain’t so adventurous at all.


Marlo pulls up to dinner in thigh highs, a diamond chocker and one of Safarree’s squirl furs he wore all season on LHH.  Kenya addresses the digs from yesterday and SHE apologizes again for not inviting Marlo to her parties which is the most childish shit ever. She’s scared of her frfr.

Then we get right into the mess. Marlo asks Kandi if she’s a lesbian and Porsha morphs into an owl, “whooo, whoo said that, WHOOOOO?” girl bye! Doing all that hooting and hollering knowing damn well you said it! Chile…all Phaedra is doing is sipping wine. She will not fess up to anything, looking very nervous. Porsha continues to press the issue and gets shocked when Sheree reveals it was her.

Now Porsha is confused and don’t know exactly what she said but in the same breath she’s saying, “it was just shade.” When she coulda just owned that from jump! Ugh. Frack is most def enjoying frick getting fucked. Sheree does take a log of convos, she’s like a damn parrot at this point aka “the bone carrier.”


Porsha says, “Kandi don’t know my business but I know hers,” and Kandi lets us know Porsha becomes an aggressive lesbian when she’s drunk. This is just a big mess and I don’t know why any of them care enough to spill this tea but I surely will be here to sip it.


The rest of the season looks like it’s heating up. I’ll be tuned in, will you?

dalface xx

Emotional Distress: RHOA S9 Ep3



“We came through serving camel toe” – Phaedra loves a camel toe, apparently they are in?? I’m here to tell you they are not, my friends and I screen shot them and zoom in to have a laugh. Exhibit A above. It’s frightening for people to see, please don’t think it’s ok to be out in public like this.


We begin with Phaedra, Porsha, and Sheree at lunch. It’s a really fun light scene, they seem like genuine friends just having a good time as they discuss what happened between Kenya and Sheree.


In regards to the “Chateau Thelma” comment, Sheree says the house is not in her mom’s name it is in a family trust and yes she had some credit issues who hasn’t.

Porsha says to Sheree ‘Your mom probably used her name back in the day; you probably had a cable or light bill. Black kids credit be used all the way up by 18.’ I’m dead. The fact that this is so true had me dying laughing. This is that ghetto ass shit I be talking about, stop it! Black people, HELLO! black people are you listening? Stop putting bills and shit in your kids name, for the love of God. I got friends who can’t get comcast right now cuz they momma ran up the bill lmfaoooooo, I can not deal.

Some random ass light skinned, Jamaican lady popped up by the Kandi Factory and everyone was acting like someone walked in and announced they had aids. Todd hoped up out his seat and started limping off lol I don’t fucking get it.

We quickly find out she’s Riley’s dad’s girlfriend. Okayyyyyyyyy…….….

The green card comment was such a lazy read Kandi, honestly why?

Kris Kelli is her name, and she’s there to bridge the gap between Kandi and Block (the baby daddy). She made the attempt and it was cute, I know exactly where she is coming from but I totally get why Kandi wasn’t open to it. Block should’ve pulled up not her, it’s really not her place.

Todd is also right though. It’s never too late to try to have some sort of relationship with your child. Although they might not respond to it as quickly and openly as you would like, it does not hurt to try. Father’s please keep reaching out to your kids, fuck all the bull shit with the mother and make the effort.


This just got too deep for an intro, where’s Porsha and Phaedra when you need them..


Matt was cuter to me last season but he has fucked his way back behind the wheel of Kenya range rover and they are headed to his family reunion, go ahead Matt.

Bob showing off that thigh muscle for Sheree is funny lol. Their dynamic is cute.

He is sweaty as fuck and it is alarming to be honest. Like all they’re doing is having a conversation in the kitchen and there is continuous sweat drops forming and dripping down his face and neck. Omfg ew.

Then he says “well your house is bigger than mine, so can I move in?”, the words every woman wants to hear after raising your kids for a good 18 years.

Mal dropped by Cynthia’s and reveals she’s been speaking to Peter. He’s been telling her that he misses his wife…..blah blah fuckin blah. Bye Peter!! leave that gorgeous woman alone and get back to the 19-year-old waitresses you like to sleep with. OK? K.

Porsha I thought you had gained some brain cells. Why tf would you willingly have a baby by yourself? I can’t take her seriously and Phaedra can’t either. We have the exact same reaction, a quick, turn side eye, and jog away. Like P O R S H A, are you mentally stable? You can’t even stand to be alone with yourself, how are you going to do it with the baby? I’m not here for this, and I totally get age is a factor; but she’s better off taking her chances in a real relationship. Just do what all the other bitches do; pretend to be on, or get off birth control midway through the relationship and hold his cum in realllllllll tight.

Kenya did you think talking shit about someone’s son would be a great introduction to the family? His mom and dad are so, so, so cute but ima need for Matt sister to take several steps back.

Matt father is funny as fuck throwing out that she makes more money than him lol, at least they know who the power player here is. I am not mad at them, I enjoyed his family reunion. Kenya make this work bitch we do not need another Walter J situation on our hands, lock it down! I am 1,000% here for Matt and Kenya. She seemed to have a good time at the reunion, his family is very loving and she deserves to be a part of that.

Ooooooh Porsha boo kinda foineee!

Girl, I get your age and your impending biological clock but you ain’t got no sense. You are in your 30s, why are you aspiring to be a baby mama? That is a title no woman should ever want. That man ain’t taking care of or claiming the children he already has left and right. He is no catch. At least he was honest with her (the look of sheer shock and dismay) and didn’t sell a dream.


-Cut to Kandi and Sheree working out at the gym-

We find out Porsha used to be cool with Block the baby daddy. LOL Sheree’s shade is just priceless.

Kandi’s attempt at Kris Kelli’s accent is the exact reason I cannot fucking stand when American people try to imitate patio. You sound Irish. You sound stupid. You are embarrassing. But her baby father is even more embarrassing.



OOOOH this scene got me fired up. Kandi is a good, strong, woman and she raised Riley better than a lot of two parent families but I know that shit hurt to hear him say he wouldn’t be there. Ladies if a man refuses to be there for you or be a part of their life just let them go and use that shit as motivation. We as woman hold ourselves to such low standards and allow men to strip us of our self-worth but we are 10x’s the man a lot of them wish they could be. You can’t make a man be a man if he is not ready to, and it is extremely sad and a hard pill to swallow but it is what is. If at his age Block doesn’t understand he should be reaching out to his 14-year-old daughter any fucking chance he gets well then may God or whoever help him.

We end with Kandi crying to Sheree and it is definitely genuine. I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes, I never ever saw that in my future. This episode brought up a lot of emotions for me. How did you feel about it, would Block and Kris Kelly have a seat at your table?

Moore Manor: RHOA S9 Ep2


The first episode of this season was a nice little intro. We pick up the second one, right back at Kenya’s “house warming”.

The Moore Manor shade is funny as fuck. I do not know why Kenya had them people in that unfinished house. It’s dusty, it’s hot, the banisters are unsteady, fix it Jesus.


Sheree catches the holy ghost when she sees Porsha pulling up to the event and does a tity sweat check; RELATEABLE. This is always my reaction to situations that should be treated subtle; kind of like all the times I’ve shown up somewhere uninvited, black out drunk, dancing on inanimate objects. #friendofafriend


Kenya walks in looking perturbed because she immediately spots Porsha in the sea of 15 guests. I’m 98% sure the white people there were Bravo staff.


Phaedra greets her warmly and gives her champagne. Kenya responds “is she your guest”, and pulls Porsha to the side immediately and asks her to leave in a real roundabout way. Petty, since been petty, since been petty. Porsha ass don’t want to be there anyway, nobody does. She bows out gracefully with Phaedra in tow.

-I’m so over the comments on the African men everybody fucking lol– where they at doe

-Lol are her railings really that loose or are they all playing with her?

Sheree, Kandi, and Cynthia roll out shortly after, and Matt rolls up.


This scene feels disingenuous. Kenya, have the girls at Bravo spritz your eyes or something before scenes like this. If you’re gonna go for it you have to fully commit; have the tears at the ready! And so what he kicked your door in, at least it wasn’t your face. Let the man back up into your manor.

Kandi and her Krew talk too damn much:

-Ace does not need a baby line…why, why, why? Todd is really trying to make a living off of every person genetically connected to Kandi, totally get it now.

-OLG ain’t open because, Todd. Why are they using his contractor? Is he reputable? They build entire condos in the blink of an eye. This 70 seat restaurant couldn’t be that hard.

-Kandi don’t pull a Cynthia and continue footing the bill of a broke man’s dreams, they tend to fail. #Amotherslove

-Momma Joyce gets more and more obnoxious as the seasons progress, when did she start doing confessionals? She is right though; Phaedra is too smart to not have known what Apollo was doing but that’s old news. I’m not sure why she’s so concerned about the lady divorce to be up doing happy dances and shit, bye.

-Everyone around Kandi treats her like a never ending vortex of money. They haven’t even broken all ground let alone broke-even, and the old lady gang is already asking when they’ll be paid.


Kenya and Phaedra caught up at lunch.  They talked about her getting back together with Matt, and Phae Phae got a chance to invite her to Porsha’s event. It was cute, I’m here for this on-screen friendship. I still don’t get why Phaedra is telling people she’s divorced when it’s on public record that she’s not, but too each its own.


Cynthia and Peter meet up to discuss the impending divorce. Dun, dun, dun… she looks so uncomfortable and over it. Peter is gross and she was never that into him to begin with. His “chest got tight and felt like a heart attack” because he realized his purse was about to be gone. This scene doesn’t make me sad at all, this marriage should have never happened. Ladies, please, please, PLEASE, stop settling. NEVER SETTLE.

The episode ends with Porsha’s girls event. It was some clue find, team building exercise; idk what the fuck they were doing but it looked stupid and so did they. Kandi and Phaedra are the first ones to arrive and awkward isn’t a good enough word to describe the silence. Their friendship was real, that’s why the aftermath of the downfall is so tragic.

They finish the game, I couldn’t tell you who won, then someone says “Well I guess we can all go now!”, and everyone eagerly grabs their shit and leaves.

Ok, Bravo this is exactly what everyone is talking about, this shit is so forced and disingenuous now. These events are lame and uncreative, the girls don’t like each other, they don’t want to show up to film these scenes, and it reads on camera.


Kenya and Shree linger behind to have a sophisticated conversation.



Shree the house comments are officially old and so misplaced. Look in the mirror and say these things to yourself. What does she mean by “we could’ve helped each other”? YOU BOTH CAN’T HELP YOURSELVES, am I missing something?

Regardless this scene gave us major shade and sound bites if nothing else. “you do need some trim or some molding” …… “twirl on some base boards”


“Bitch why you running? Your house not even finished”

Sheree will always have a seat at my damn table. Would you invite her to your Thanksgiving?






RHOC: Reunion Part 1 Recap


With the greetings out of the way, Andy Cohen dives into the reunion with none another than Queen V, “Well after the Brookes cancer scandal last year…” Cut to a great flashback of the apology tour she went on. A GREAT apology tour might I add, one of the best, def puts Stassi’s to shame but that’s not really saying much. The wrinkle remover, botox, collagen or whatever people like to inject in their face looks amazing.

She is still sticking to the “I didn’t know about the cancer scam, I had a lot going on, I trusted him” thing. Which just doesn’t work because even if you believed him when he first told you, as time went on his story started to unravel and rumors swirled, you still stood by him. So no! Vicki you can’t keep saying you didn’t know, you knew!! Jesus Christ, she’ actually worse than a politician, at least they own things once faced with documentation or a mistress. I digress.


Oooooh too quick on the defense Vick, she totally sent the flowers to herself lmao. She’s gritting her teeth saying, “I did not, It’s not funny.” And it’s actually really funny watching Vick try to show emotion with that botox filled face.

Is she seriously trying to convince us she’s not on anything, because she just made a square with her fingers. Ok there’s a lot of fingers flying. Wow! She’s fired up she does not wanna stay on the Brookes topic lol she is throwing a tantrum, and making faces like petulant child. “Go after ding dong, dingdingdingding dong” I don’t know what’s going on or wtf she’s talking about.

Kelly claims she watched the show then stopped watching the show and then binge watched before she came on. K.

On to Shannon not forgiving Vicki – she says forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to let someone back in.



ok….so yea….guarantee Vicki has never seen Friday and doesn’t even know how to recite it properly. Bye Felicia is officially out, everyone note it.

V is too turnt lmfao “this is my show, you’re welcome to be on it for awhile, 11 years baby” ok bitch! When’d you start signing checks?


Next Up: TT (turnt up Tamra) are we going in order Andy? hmm

Her situation breaks my heart. Glad to hear her and Simon’s situation is in a better place! I really really want that to resolve and for the kids to be talking to the both them. Please, please, please, secret it.

Kelly says she doesn’t think Tamra is a good Christian. Find me one Dodd, find me one. Awful dress choice btw ugh I want her to win so bad but those tits are all over the place.    IS SHE COHERENT? WHAT IS SHE NOT GETTING ABOUT TAMRA NOT HAVING A PROBLEM WITH HER PRIOR TO IRELAND?? This is just annoying it’s as if your talking to a brick wall I just zone out on her because sometimes it’s just too exhausting.


Speaking of zone out, for some reason next up is Megan. And we’re forced to suffer through a disgustingly boring, depressing synopsis of Megan’s non-existent partnership and journey into motherhood. String me up and lynch me. I swear to God Bravo. OK, OK, OK TO BE FAIR she looks stunning, she’s got that glow, I’m loving the eyeshadow and that is saying a lot because 1. I hate gaudy eyeshadow and 2. Its glitter.

Heather bothers the fuck out of me now. I no longer love her. I no longer like her. I don’t care about her frozen embryos and I do not care about her multimillion dollar mansion. Unbearable, un-relatable, done with Debrow.

Back to Kelly – Andy says “you’ve been one of the most polarizing housewives we’ve ever seen” she smiles from ear to ear, “aww thank you, wow” it just goes right over head.      Her one regret is her treatment of her husband, good. No regrets about the treatment of the other women however, cringe.

And in true Kelly fashion directly after expressing remorse for talking bad about someone she goes on to talk about her husband being a Narcissist, and obsessively checking her phone/emails. Nice.

Tamra whispers “that’s not a narcissist.” Takes one to know one TT c’mon, easy layup.


Cut to the “OK MS. ROPER” scene I swear to God this is my favorite clip.                                                 “It was youuuuu, whoooooo?, it was youuuuuuuuu, WHOOOO? It.was.youuuuu” and then Tamra or someone is on the green screen saying, “at one point Kelly turned into an owl.” lol plz go watch that episode if you haven’t.

Shannon just own up to setting Kelly up that night, seriously.

Footage doesn’t lie vick. David was pretty nasty but you walked over to him.                         Ok mellenial Megan speaking some semi truths – I’m always teetering the fence on this topic. On one hand I do want to be treated equal to men but on the other I don’t want one aggressively yelling or coming at me.

Now all of a sudden children watch this show and you can’t say “suck dick” lmao. UHHH VICKI YOU HAD YOUR BREASTS EXPOSED A FEW EPISODES BACK, HERE’S A REFRESHER.


We end part 1 on the topic of Kelly’s affair and the other family she ruined. Shannon’s reached Kristen level psychosis and has even reached out and spoken to the woman. Ew. Over all it was a good start, looking forward to part 3 and hopefully part 2 isn’t too much of a snooze.


Thanks for reading, tell me your thoughts on these ladies!





The Trip Home: RHOC S11 Ep17

OHKAYYY I already had to pause because the first 5 minutes of this episode really sent me spinning.


We picked up right where we left off on the bus, thank God. Megan’s in her interview saying how she wants to stick up for Kelly but she doesn’t know exactly what happened….UHHH you know enough Megan. You know and have seen enough to realize, even if she is in the wrong my friend is literally drowning and she needs saving. Seriously get a fuckin back bone. I fucking hate Megan.

Heathers chastising Kelly like she does everybody and she’s firing right back. Shanners brings up how quiet Vicki’s being and how she should stop pretending nothing’s wrong and have her friends back. Thank you! As entertaining as it is to watch someone continuously drop gems to stir the pot and then dip out and start acting like Silent Bob IT GETS INFURIATING. I am a bitch that sticks by her actions and stands firm in her word, right or wrong! I could never keep my mouth shut through all of this are you kidding me?


Anyways, Shannon drops the gem that kick starts the avalanche of marriage secrets. She tells Kelly that Vicki was chiming in right along with everyone else tonight in saying that Kelly has drinking/emotional problems.

Kelly did not like that news, uh uh, she has been loyal to Vicki this whole season but now she’s letting everything out of the bag and I’m just eating it all up.

“She said your husband beat the shit outta you!”, Kelly exclaimed. Shannon’s jaw dropped. Heathers out of her seat screaming, “enough!!”. There’s a lot of shut the fuck ups and then Shannon flies into a rage, “MY KIDS CALL YOU AUNT VICKI HOW DARE YOU CUT DOWN THEIR FATHER!!” she’s seething, she’s crying, she wants blood.


A thought runs over Tamra’s face and she gets up to ask Kelly, “is there any other information she fed you?”& finally the gay rumors surface. Vicki’s been flapping her trap about Eddie having an affair and being gay. TT don’t like that at all. She yelling in her face, “TALK ABOUT MY HUSBAND! GO TO HELL, FUCK YOU!!”

There’s one last prepubescent “shut up. no you shut. SHUT UP” shouting match then the girls finally get to the airport. Heather begins petting Megan’s face and telling her how sick Kelly is and it was uncomfortable to watch. You could just tell Megan didn’t agree and wanted nothing to do with it. But she’s so fucking weak and demure she didn’t speak the fuck up.

Kelly looks like 14-year-old Asian b-boy getting off the bus in that Adidas track suit and slouched beanie, ew.


End Scene.

To be continued…

Dublin Debacle pt.2


The episode starts with the girls hungover and Vicki recollecting her sexual assault on the bartender last night.

Cool, Megan plans an activity NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO, a farm, kill me, and gets to show up late; to do what again? To tap random people on the shoulder in town and ask them if they’re related to her clan…First of all don’t call anything a clan, I don’t give a fuck if that’s the term used in Ireland it just makes me think of Klu Klux. & second, how fucking stupid does that plan sound? When the genealogist said that he was speaking figuratively Megan that was not him giving you instructions.


Jesus Christ! Vicki is exposing her breasts at the lunch table. What is wrong with her? I fuckin love her.

& Oh no, Kelly feels excluded and like she’s not a part of the clique boohoo. Wipe that frightened, innocent, annoying ass lost look off your face you did this to yourself.

Loveeee the passive aggressive talk about Tamras mother’s day card. If Kelly didn’t interject for that apology I would’ve written her off as senile, demented, down syndrome…

Tamra doesn’t really accept her apology and offers up a taut half smile; and you can just see the wheels turning in her head on how to get away with her murder.


In the next scene public enemy number one seems to have gained some brain cells because she opts to pace herself, instead of getting hammered at 2pm, stand up job Kell. Her croquet bustier however is alarming, great rack real or fake but put those tits away. What the hell is going on with these women?

Shannon literally displays rape culture as she all but shoves tequila down Kelly’s throat at dinner. Kelly blatantly declined her drink offer and states “she’s not drinking tonight”, and as if she hadn’t spoken Shanner’s continues to order for her. THEN she goes back to the kitchen, and instructs the servers to make all the drinks a double. C l a s s y. Why not just whip out the roofies? Kelly’s, well, alive so she picks up on this and doesn’t fall for the intricate plot against her.

BRAVO WTH YOU’RE REALLY DROPPING THE BALL. I’m not sure wtf is up with production sleeping on the job this trip but they apparently miss the last 6 hours of the night so the girls have to give us an overly dramatized play by play. They got wasted after dinner and invited Vicki to come down, no Kelly. Well Vicki starts to run her mouth like we know and love and tells TT that Kelly’s still talking shit about her. Turnt up Tamra then takes a picture with Vicki and sends it to Kelly along with a series of nasty texts. & of course she flips shit in the hotel hallway; “I never said that, I’m not talking about you, you guys get pleasure out of this” bring on the tears


Cut to Kelly on the bus – her head is spinning off, she’s ripping into Shannon and anyone that interjects.


She’s going going, going, going, hurling insults at Shannon without missing a beat.


Kelly has lost it. The gifs do not do it justice, please go watch this. It is…a sight and next week’s episode looks even better.